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Here Hua Hin

Hua Hin No.1

Hua Hin is Royal city. Because of the King’s presence, the Klai kang won summer palace that the Thai Royal family still frequently uses the summer palace in Hua Hin.  The town surrounded by garrisons of troop, the elite parachute regiment and the Royal Thai Police resulting to a very low crime rate.




Hua Hin No.2

Cost of living is not high. The prices here are cheap and to be acceptable standard.




Hua Hin No.3 

Good environment. Beach on the East, The Beach is clean and long. A short drive out of Hua Hin you will find the quieter beach of Suan Son and Khao Tao. Mountain on the West.




Hua Hin No.4 

Sightseeing tour Hua Hin will still sense this special atmosphere and old world charm. The area around the town let’s you discover fibulas parks and peaks, cave and waterfall. It is an idea starting point for your adventure trip. Many tourist attractions around there for outdoor fun and adventure. The national parks of Sam Roi Yod as well as two beautiful dams, Kaeng Krachan Dam and Pran Buri Dam are nearby for those who enjoy wildlife spotting, fishing or bird watching. Pa La U waterfall is only an hour drive from Hua Hin.




Hua Hin No.5 

There are international schools as Somthawin school and Yamsaart School for your lovely kids, they have a full English program with all subjects taught in the English language, except Thai, and caters for primary students.    The international universities as Stamford and Webster universities offer internationally recognized degrees taught in English language.


Yamsaard School Hua Hin
Tel: 08-7694-6420-1
Email :
Web :


Somtawin English School
Tel: 032-511542 (Thai), 032-530384 (International),       Email:


Stamford International University
Tel: +66 (0)32 520789
Email:                                         Web:


Webster University
Tel: +66 (0)32 456169


Here are a list of most of the local schools and universities in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Vitthayalai School (Salesian School)
Tel. 032-511233 Fax. 032-533771

Hua Hin School
Tel. 032-511127 Fax. 032-512128-9 press 100

Wang Klaikangwon School
Tel. 032-520478, 032-521013
Tel. & Fax. 032-522350

Hua Hin Wittayakhom School
Tel. & Fax. 032-511399

Hua Hin Commercial College
Tel. 032-520400 Fax. 032-520774

Darunsuksa School
Tel. 032-511107

Darunsuksa Primary School
Tel. 032-520431

Matthayomsathukarn School
Tel. 032-511165

Klaikangwon Industrial and Community Education College
Tel. 032-520500, 032-520481

Silpakorn University Phetchaburi IT Campus
Bachelor's Degree. Faculty of Animal Sciences and Argricultural Technology. Faculty of Management. Marketing. Hotel & Hospitality. Business English. Tourism. Faculty of Information and Communication Technology. 2 Terms/Year. [1st Term May-Oct., 2nd Term Nov.-Mar.]
Tel. 032-594029-30 Fax. 032-594026

Ratchamongkhon University
The universities are primarily for further education so there is very little in the way of internationally recognised English language qualifications for ages 5 to 16 in Hua Hin.  Tel. 032 572284

Suan Dusit Rajabhat University Hua-Hin Campus
Telephone : 032-522510 Fax : 032-522509


Hua Hin No.6 

There are now 10 golf courses in this area within 30 km of the town. Play a different course everyday of the week. Green Fees and other costs are reasonable with high quality services.

Here are lists of golf course in Hua Hin.


Palm Hills Golf Resort and Country Club
18 holes, Par 72, length of 6,915 yards
• Tel: Bangkok (02) 233-2922
• Cha Am (032) 520 800


Royal Hua Hin Golf Course
18 holes, Par 72 , length of 6,654 yards
• Bangkok (02) 241-1360
• Hua Hin (032) 512 475


Lake View Princess Resort and Golf Club
36 holes,  Par 72, length of 6,915 yards
• Cha Am (032) 520 091


Springfield Royal Country Club
27 holes, Par 72, length of 7,063 yards
• Bangkok (02) 231-2244
• Cha Am (032) 471 303


Majestic Creek Country Club and Beach Resort
18 holes, Par 72, length of 7,123 yards
• Bangkok (02) 315-5971
• Hua Hin (032) 520 162


Milford Golf Club
18 holes, Par 72
•Bangkok (02) 235-2871



Black Mountain golf Club Hua Hin
18 holes, Par 72
•Hua Hin (032) 618 666



The Banyan Estate Golf Club
18 holes, Par 72, length of 7,030 yds
• Hua Hin (032) 532 829


Hua Hin No.7 

Transportation to Hua Hin is easy and quickly. Just 200 KM. from Bangkok to Hua Hin. You can drive only two and a half hours on the highway No.4 or Petchkasem Road. This road ends at Songkha Privince.



The other routes also have several buses at the southern bus station, the ticket price is 171 Baht and mini vans which you can find at the station at Victory monument. The ticket price for mini van just only 180 Baht and the drivers have a feel of this way so they can bring you to Hua Hin in no more than two and a half hours. This is the popular choice for foreigner.



hua hin taxi

hua hin taxi

If you would like to travel faster, SGA Airlines can move you from Bangkok to Hua Hin only 40 minutes and price only 43 £. Moreover you can lease the SGA plane for sight seeing area around Hua Hin or other nearby attractions. Hua Hin Thai Property can provide this service together with ticket booking if you desire. One more comfortable route is taxi service. They will wait you at the airport or wherever you would like. The price is only 33 £.



Hua Hin No.8 

Hua Hin would be a very good high return investment. Hua Hin’s popularity has increased in the past few years as well as the price of the land and property has increased every year for the part five years. Therefore, buying a property in Hua Hin would be good investment for the future.




Hua Hin No.9

There is a great choice of Thai and international restaurant. There is number of large seafood restaurant just south of the pier on Naresdamri Road, each offering beautiful views of the boat coming and going from the dock.  The night market is definitely Hua Hin’s most colorful nightly castration. Foods are in resources. Full of seafood restaurants nearer to the beach are to be found many international flavored restaurants and bars.




Hua Hin No.10

A huge complex that host a Tesco Lotus Superstore, Home Pro, the 3rd Major Cineplex in Thailand and a bowling center as well as a lot of modern fashion retailers.




Hua Hin No.11

There are many illustrious temples located here such as, Wat Huay Mongkhon, The location of the world's largest monk statue,  His Reverend Luang Poh Tuad's sculpture.  Wat Huay Mongkhon is also famous for various kinds of amulets or talismans. 



Wat Khao Takiab is a relatively small temple, situated on the top of a hill that overlooks the bay, this place is the center of dhamma retreat for the monks to practice.   Of great interest is the more than 1,200 monkeys around the temple that have the nuns to take care them.

Another interesting temple is Wat Kao Itisukato on the west of Hua Hin around 2 km from town. This temple is an abbey for buddhists to do meditate and practice following Buddha's teaching, on behind the temple has elephant village and has 30 elephants for trekking activity.




The opposite of Klai Kang Won palace has nunnery for only woman who would like to practice the dharma. Overall, the Buddhist temples are there to teach people that respect for religion is threefold training. For monk is Sil, Samathi, Punya (Sil is training rule, Samathi is pacification, Punya is acknowledge in the human nature and the route to attaining salvation. For the layman is Tarn, Sil, Parwana (Tarn is sacrificial or giving such as donation, forgiveness, and “Tammatarn” is giving the Buddish knowledge in Buddha teaching that is the best Tarn, Sil is five precept like 1. Avoid killing 2. Avoid stealing 3. Avoid stealing another person’s wife 4. Avoid telling lies 5. Avoid taking drugs and strong drinks , Parwana is meditation). 

Especially, meditation or prayer is the main practice. It's not only for the religious one, but for anyone. With meditation, they will have a more vigorous and peaceful mind. It can help to remove from the tension that so many feel.


หลวงพ่อวิริยังค์ สิรินฺธโร



Managing Director of Hua Hin Thai Property, Khun Gon (Khun Vutthikorn Sathanart) is interested in meditation too. He is a teacher at Willpower institute in meditation instructor course and he is director of dharma radio station ( that concentrates on meditation.

If you interested please contact at  for consultation or you can find more information at





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